Dual Mono?

I'm a novice...but how is a dual mono amp different from a non-monoblock amp?
Hi Skut; A non-monobloc is typically referred to as a stereo amp if it only has two channels, but these days of Home Theater, some amps can have 3 to 5 or more channels. A true dual mono amp is simply two almost totally separate power amps built into one chassis, and about the only thing these "two amplifers" share is a single power cord, ie they have totally separate circuitry and separate power supplies. Dual-mono amps have all the advantages of true mono-blocs except they do not allow for use of extremely short speaker cables. The shortest speaker cables that could be used with a dual mono is half the distance between the speakers-- that's with the amp placed on-center between speakers. I like dual mono amps, and use one myself. Cheers. Craig
.......I would just add that a regular "stereo amp" typically has a single power supply that provides power to (usually) two channels. The two channels also share some circuitry. Craig
I love simple answers. Thanks guys
Garfish is correct except for the idea of one power cord, some (not most, but some) use two power cords to completely sperated the two discrete amplifiers. So in this case the only tihng the TWO amps share is a chasis. I believe one manufacure actually advetises that you can cut the amp in half with a torch and it will still work, if you do not believe me check out www.balanced.com and check out the VK-500 and you will find this to be true.
Same is true of the Lab 47 Gaincard , either the 25WPC or 50 WPC version. The Amp module is seperate from the Power Supply module and when two (2) power supplies are used , each powers one channel and has it's own power cord. The beauty of these amps is you can start with one (1) shared power supply and later can add a second power supply for true Dual Mono. Check out www.sakura systems.com for info and reviews on this amplifier.