Dual layer SACDs

I recently picked up a copy of Doug Macleod's, "Whose Truth , Whose Lies?" dual layer SACD. When I Insert it into my Sony 9000ES the SACD marker very briefly lights up & then stays off during playback. Has anybody else experienced this problem with a dual layer SACD? Is it a problem with the disc or the player in that it is failing to pick up the SACD layer. The cd is excellent & typical of AudioQuest it is very well recorded. I tried playback on my reference rig & compared it to the Sony & it was no contest in sound quality with my reference winning hands down but my cables on this unit cost more than the Sony. Is it possible the Sony is playing back in the SACD format but since the disc is dual layer it doesn't show on the front panel?
you might not even be playing the disc in sacd mode. have you set it up correctly? some features (even audio-only) are available to change only when hooked up to a tv and accessing the on screen menus.

good luck

Yes it is set up properly. I have had no problem with single layer SACD's & I only have the one dual layer. Larry