Dual layer SACD won't play on my computer

I just tried playing a dual layer [SACD & CD compatible] SACD on my computer's CD/DVD drive...NOTHING! Windows media player wouldn't even read the TOC, and play it as a regular redbook CD. This CD plays fine in my non-SACD CD player...what up with this?

Thanks in advance!
well the label warns that dual layer is not made to the red-book specs and warns some players will not be able to read it, you must have got the misforune of that happening to you.
They play fine in mine as redbook. Maybe your drive is too old. Have you tried using something other than media player?
this is the reason - SACDs are, physically, DVDs. the firmware on your drive is searching for DVDs 1st, which it thinks it finds. the problem is that it has no idea what to do with the SACD TOC and file structure, which it can't read. that's why it freaks out. it doesn't even think to look for a CD because it knows there's a DVD right there. some drives have upgradeable firmware so it will look for the CD 1st, and default to that. there have been several drives that have fixed this via a patch.
Chadnliz, You're thinking of DualDisc, all hybrid SACD's have a redbook spec layer.
oh I am sorry. I should read closer!