Dual layer pause when playing DVD's?


I was wondering if the NAD T532 or T533 makes a slight pause when playing a Dual layer DVD?

Thanks for all your inputs.

Litsa ;-)
As far as i know, i think that the only machines that DON'T have at least some type of a pause in them when changing layers are the Denon 2900 and 5900. I could be wrong though as i'm not much of a vidiot : ) Sean
My NAD T550 dvd player does the exact same thing. Luckily I'm an audiophile way before I'm a videophile.
Most of them pause a little. Just be glad you don't have the Pioneer DV-354. It sometimes shuts off and restarts at the beginning when the layers change.
The Denon's get around this by buffering the output i.e. storing it in 8 meg* of memory ( like a computer ) and then playing it after it has passed through the memory. The buffer has enough storage capacity to at least minimize and normally remove any major delays or glitches that would normally occur during the layer change. Sean

* This is the figure for the DVD-2900. Being a newer model, the 5900 may use the same amount or possibly even more memory.

I don't know whether or not the NADs pause when playing dual layered DVDs, but as Sean has stated, the only machines that DON'T do that are the Denons. But, aside from the Denons, all other DVD players that I know of pause when they are playing DVDs. And unfortunately, that includes my Toshiba SD-2700 and my Pioneer Elite DV-37.