Dual layer DVD V.S. the player

Heres the problem. I have the Toshiba 4109X and it has (since the intro to dual layer discs) developed a problem at about the 20th track it gets lost and cant continue. I was told this was a problem with the Toshiba. So this weekend I went out and bought a new Pioneer Elite DV36. From what I have read this is a great player. I rented movies and watched them both, one played fine (Unbreakable)and the other (O' brother where art though) got caught on track 20 and wouldnt play it through. Once I moved to track 21 it played on through. At first I thought there was a disc problem but there was nothing wrong when played on my computer "elcheapo" DVD-Rom. I tried several times on both the Toshiba and the Pioneer and both react the same to the very same discs. My question is what have I gained? Am I destined to this problem? I use my player for CD and DVD and both perform very well for CD. Honestly I cant choose between the two for CD playback. The Toshiba has HDCD that the Pioneer does not. The Pioneer has random shuffle and the Toshiba does not. Has anyone else had this problem?
Yes--indeed. It's funny,the older Toshiba I had, had no such problem.(Just no DTS) When you contact Tosiba they will fix *this* problem. Wan't all that much money they wanted; just the turnaround time.---I just went out and got a sony 7700 used. / Great player--reads everything.
I guess this is no value to you at this point, having already purchased two players. Like Avguygeorge, I bought a Sony (the 9000 ES) and it has never failed to read anything except a couple of FireWire CDR's that I burned on my computer.

As far as CD, SACD, and DVD, there has been zero trouble and the image quality of this player is the finest I have ever seen. Being a photographer, that is partially what influenced me to purchase it in the first place.

Any chance that you could return the Pioneer and send the Toshiba back for the "free" fix? That would get you through your current dilemma without spending more money, until you decide what is most important for you.
I really want to stay with a multi-disc player since it is both for CD and DVD playback in my system. I don't need to have progressive outputs right now but I am considering a front projector in the near future. My Toshiba is a "refurbished" unit so it does not fall under factory waranty, it is over a year old anyway. The Pioneer will probably be returned, I am considering the Sony multi-disc (the number escapes me) I think DVP650. At this point I am just discouraged and very dissappointed.