dual headed usb cable

Does anyone have any knowledge of dual headed usb cables?  I am aware that ifi audio makes one for separate transmission of audio and power. Are they worth it?
There are a few out there besides the iFi Gemini...

Doukmall on Ebay

all make a dual headed USB cable that allows separation of power from signal carrying wires.

There are other brands too.

Worth it? Only if YOU can hear a benefit that justifies the cost. Buy from Music Direct (iFi) or Audio Advisor (Pangea) and you can return if there’s no improvement. From a technical point of view (and I’m no EE) it does seem like a good approach.

@givin2u - are they worth it? - well that depends on your component that is being connected.

If the component uses the USB power provided by the cable - then yes - they are worth it!

Take a look at

I think Pangea also makes a dual cable

Separating the signal and power eliminates noise being induced across the conductors, which ultimately contaminates the USB interface circuitry with noise.

The Doukmall/Pangea cables above will prevent this. Sound quality will be improved

If the component has a separate power supply then a dual cable may not be required

But it is not quite that simple - My Bifrost had it’s own power supply - however, the USB interface card actually used the USB power. The later versions have rectified that design to use the on-board power supply.

Also, some devices like the Musical Fidelity V-link192 successfully deals with the power issue internally - so you really have to delve into the deign of the component - or simply spend the money and see if sound quality improves - or call the company and ask them

Hope that helps - Steve
Thanks guys for your input.
The King Rex Ucraft (blue) is the best USB I ve tested... Its pricey,  but if you wish to hear what your front end is capable of , you gotta get it....
I ve owned Cardas, and tried IFI, and Straight wire top of the line ... There is also YFS brand in Colorado that is pretty good ...
As Williewonka mention if the component has a separate power supply it may not be useful to use a dual head usb cable . I have a m2 tech YOUNG  DSD DAC with a out board power supply and m2 tech say the usb buss needs power from the usb cable makes little sense to me.