Dual Golden-1/CS 7000 TT

Does anyone have any experince or opinion on Dual CS 7000 also known as Golden 1 TT ?
I use a Dual CS7000.
It is decent.
I wanted lift at end of play built in, and the CS7000 is one of the best with that feature.
The platter is lightweight, suprising considering it was the top of the line.
The platter edge finish is very cheap and can corrode very easily, so if yours is clean, avoid touching the golden finish, or it may not be golden for very long. :^(
As far as a comparison to MMF-5 or Rega, ?????
If you are thinking about buying a CS-7000 The max to pay sans cart would be $375~$425. I use a Shure V15VxMR.
One feature that is 'interesting' is that the arm auto drop waits a few seconds, so you can place the arm over the LP and have time to sit down before the arm descends into the groove.
Would I buy it again???
???? It's ok for a simple TT. If I wanted a TTand it was available, I would buy it again, yeah. (Usually you can forget the "included cartridge" though, so unless it is a brand new cart don't pay any extra for the cart.
Also, the TT is very vibration resistant. On Any surface (the base, the cover, the support) a sharp rap produces NO RESPONSE from the playing LP?cart via the system. Fine!!
I just want to say it is ok, (I hate folks who think because THEY bought it "whatever it is" that it is the best thing ever...)
How is the sound quality of Dual Golden 1 compared to vintage Denon or Luxman TT or even compared to more modern TT such as Rega-3 or MMF-5 in similar price range ?
I would like to pick up a golden 1.