Dual Disc Problems?

Has anyone had a problem with their cd player after playing these discs? I played one for the first time (Springsteen/Devils and Dust), and the player (Marantz SACD 8260), had trouble playing the next disc (Dylan/World Gone Wrong redbook cd). Thanks for your help!
I just picked up the new Son Volt on dual disc and I had no problems in my cd player. I asked at the store if people had been reporting any problems with them and was told the only problems thus far were with slot style car cd players. It makes sense looking at the disc, it's noticably thicker and heavier.
Could be your 8260. Out of the blue, mine has started acting up. Bought it used, worked fine for over a year, now all of the sudden it's having trouble reading discs. Especially if they have ANY scratches at all.
I just picked up the NIN remaster of Downward Spiral and it won't play on my Museatex transport. grrr
I have two players, a SONY SCD-XA9000ES and a Music Hall Maverick. The Sony plays DualDisc about half the time. The Maverick doesn't play them at all. I bought 1 DualDisc (Springsteen) and won't be buying any more.
Playing a DualDisc shouldn't, as far as I know, have any effect on any discs you might try to play afterward, unless the disc actually caused problems closing the disc drawer. Then all bets are off.
Isn't "Dual Disc" and "Problem" redundant? Who asked for these things? The more the music industry "progresses", the more I wonder about it all - failed audiophile formats, suing customers, bringing out "CDs" that don't adhere to the redbook standard. You have the malicious Sony virus. I have never tried so hard to be a good customer and been given so many reasons to give up on those efforts. I just love the way music execs have every reason under the sun that their 20+ year old business model doesn't work anymore for reasons other than that they haven't been able to figure out how to adapt.
I refuse to support this product!
What are Duel Disks?
My understanding of dual discs are discs that contain multimedia software in addition to the music, so that you can interact with them via a computer.

My first RA Opus 21 had a lot of trouble with these discs, and an Ayre CX-7e hicupped occassionaly also.

But, my new Opus player has no trouble with them.
Go to http://www.dualdisc.com to learn about the DualDisc format.
DualDisc is simply a two-sided silver disc with DVD and possible computer content on one side, and (non redbook compliant) CD content on the other.

It doesn't play in some CD players because it's thicker than a normal CD.