Dual binding posts to non bi-wire speakers?

This may be elementary to some, But I need assistance with this.
If you have dual binding posts on a integrated amp,
Would it be acceptable to use non bi-wired speakers?
Or would this make a difference in sound?
Thank you for your help with this.
Sure, just put a jumper between the posts and attach your speaker leads to one of the sets of posts.

In the back pannel of your amplifier you should follow the instructions or markings and connect the right combination of binding posts whether you have or havn't biwired speakers or not.

Please also make sure that the binding posts is not for different sets of speakers as well.
Ev314, do you mean your stereo amp has two sets of speaker output posts? If so, there is no effect on sound quality when using non bi-wire cable or speakers. Connect your cable to the positive and negative post of speaker output A. There's no need for any jumper connections.
Wait a minute. What amp is this? Most have dual binding posts for the convenience (but not the necessity) of biwiring. If so, you need not use any jumpers.

If, otoh, the dual sets are for A/B outputs or anything else, the jumper is definitely proscribed.

Thanks guys.
This would be the Musical Fidelity A 308 integrated.
It's an amplifier. If you put jumpers across the dual binding post it going to be driving a dead short; not a good thing.