dual amp biwire Question?

Hi, I have a bottlehed foreplay preamplifier which is easy to add a second set of outputs on. Is it possible to remove the jumpers from the inputs of my Infinity Kappa 9's and run the bottom of the speakers with my QSC amplifier and the top with my Nikko amplifier? The QSC which is the more powerfull amp has volume controls. Thanks for any help,
You can do this, it is referred to as horizontal bi-amping.
Thanks swampwalker, I found a lot of info on horizontal biamping. It seems wise to run the bottom with the qsc amp ( it will run at 2 ohms all day) - And use the old Nikko for the high end it is very warm sounding and not desighned for dificult loads. Would anyone know what loads are present with the jumpers removed from Infinity Kappa 9's at the high and low inputs? Thanks,