Dual 721 or Rega P3

Anyone who's at least semi-familiar with both TT's...

Which of the two would sound better (assuming they were mounted with the same cartridge)?
my sony ps-x600 with biotracer arm and signet tk7e mm sounds better by a smidge than my now retired rega p3 with at440 mm-hope this helps-the sony is less fiddlesome and has more useful features-not always around but built very well and reliable-snap a mint one up if you find one on e-bay or a second-hand store- can be had for 75-125.00-worth every cent and more-hope this thread helps-Robert Hirsh
i am not a big rega trumpeter, as many on the site are, but i would take the rega over the dual since replacement parts and other mods made for the table, should you want to go that route, are abundant. plus... i don't know what arm was on the dual, but i have never read about great dual arms and often read about mediocre ones. i also hear good things about the older series of cheap projects... debut i and ii. i run a linn axis and nottingham interspace... i thought the linn axis, with the akito 2 arm, was better for my ears than the p3. so if you can find one with that arm for a decent price... i'd say thats a good option.
I've had a Dual 604 and am now using a Rega P5. I'd vote for the Rega.....newer engineering, plus repair and parts available as Tapashead notes. Good luck