Dual 704 turntable. Any good?

Could anyone out there shed a little light on the merits or otherwise of a Dual 704 turntable and a Technics SP 12? I have the opportunity to buy either but I do not know which one to go for. Its my intention to seriously mod-up whichever deck I go for by having new plinths made of granite/plywood and also to fit a high quality arm, in the region of £500 to £800 price range. Be very handy if I could get some feedback on whether it is a good idea or not or if the decks in question are worth spending the considerable money such modification upgrades would cost. Any advice would be very welcome.

I'd say the Technics is by far the TT to go with, period. Dual is a nice stock TT, but the Technics can go a long way if you spend some money on plinth, arm, cart, etc.