Dual 704 turntable. Any good?

Could anyone out there shed a little light on the merits or otherwise of a Dual 704 turntable and a Technics SP 12? I have the opportunity to buy either but I do not know which one to go for. Its my intention to seriously mod-up whichever deck I go for by having new plinths made of granite/plywood and also to fit a high quality arm, in the region of £500 to £800 price range. Be very handy if I could get some feedback on whether it is a good idea or not or if the decks in question are worth spending the considerable money such modification upgrades would cost. Any advice would be very welcome.
You can check the Dual Reference website for info on the 704.
I can only speak to my expierence with the 2 pieces. I had a chance to listen to both years ago and I liked the Dual myself. My oldest brother bought the 704 and if I remember right it was a semi-automatic system. I bought the 721 which was fully automatic. I remember that alot of people liked the tone arm alot better on the Dual and was used alot in serious listening while the Technics was used alot by DJ'sI would pick the Dual but its not like I couldnt live with the other.

Good Luck!
the dual
Many thanks for the views and info, it is much appreciated, though I am still as yet undecided. By the time I make up my mind the chance may well have gone. But that's me, Mr Cautious. Especially now when every penny is getting harder to come by. Things are as tight as a duck's arse in the UK and I have to weigh up how much I really need whatever I am buying, which is usually high fi based, against will I be needing the money it would cost in a couple of months time. Think I will buy the Dual 704 though. Or maybe not. I shall have to think about it. by the way, if you are at all interested just how far you can soup-up a Technics SP10 Mk 2, and 3, check out this link:


They have made the decks works of art, providing of course that you have the necessary deep pockets to pay the thousands of £/$ it costs. The decks pictured are exquisitely finished and look stunning, though interestingly enough there is no real mention on how they sound. but Wow! Do they look good!
Anyway, look after yourself and thank you very much for your valued opinions.