Dual 505-2 with OM10 Ortofon. Upgrade questions

Okay, so I've had this turntable for 10 years or so and haven't done anything with it in that period of time except include a preamp to filter subsonic frequencies.  I have NO knowledge on turntable upkeep and tuning.  So I'm wondering if I can upgrade the stylus to a diamond stylus and keep the same cartridge?  I saw some talk about the Super OM cartridge, what benefits does the super  version have?  I want a simple upgrade to minimize any necessary arm adjustments.  If anyone can point me to a site with a lot of information on the Ortofon products, that would also be helpful.
If your cartridge is 10 years old and you've never changed the stylus, the magnet is almost certainly weak.  That's an easy DIY and you can get a replacement from places like Needle Doctor for reasonable money.

That said, you might want to spend some time looking over threads on turntable set-up here and maybe talk with a retailer who knows what's involved.  It isn't difficult or expensive, and will make the single biggest difference to your vinyl playback regardless of table or cartridge.

Proper alignment is the single most important aspect of vinyl playback, and it's not something that travels all that well.  Minute changes can create really funky results, so be aware of that before sending your Dual out or transporting it in your car.  An alignment protractor like the MoFi Geo Disc is a very inexpensive tool and super-easy to use at home.  Second would be a decent balance scale for setting VTF.

On cartridges themselves, again it's a good idea to hit the forum archives here.  Tons of info on Ortofon and many others.  For your table, you could consider a 2M Red (an improved version of what you already have) or a 2M Blue (a good upgrade).  If you wish, you can just go with an OM 20 or OM 30 stylus as an upgrade, too.  Older tech but still a step up.  Note however that if you have any issues with noise in the table from dirt, worn parts and/or insufficient lubrication, you will hear them quite clearly even if you just go with an alignment and a standard replacement stylus for the OM 10.  FWIW, repair parts are readily available for most Dual models.

Last, almost all modern cartridges employ a diamond stylus with some kind of metallic cantilever material.  This includes the OM 10.  Rarely you may see a diamond or ruby cantilever.  Those are most often reserved for high performance MC cartridges (e.g. Dynavector) that cost quite a bundle.

Hope this info helps you to learn more about where you want to go with your table.  Good luck & happy listening!
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