Dual 1219 noise

How can you remove the idler noise?
I can hear the noise in 20 feet after the amp and the table were shut down. With low volume, I can still hear the noise blended with the music.
Is it a common problem that can be easily fixed?
I have two other turntables and the dual is not listened to as often, but this noise further alienates me from dual.
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If the noise is a repeating low _thump_, then you likely have a flat spot on the idler wheel. Sometimes this is caused by leaving the wheel engaged while the power is off. The only remedy is replacement of the idler wheel. If you are certain that there are NO flat spots on the wheel, then the motor itself may need replacement.
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Hi, I have two 1219s, and and a 1229 with a Grace 747 tone arm that is my main table. I have personally dismantled and cleaned, lubed and adjust all of the above. They are absolutely DEAD SILENT when running. No rumble whatsoever. Keep in mind that the last 1219's rolled off the assembly line in 1972, so doing a CLA is a must for top performance. You can do this yourself if you are handy with basic tools. I have all manuals in PDF format if you would like I would be happy to email them to you, and help you through the process. The 1219 is a stellar performer when in top shape. In the same league as the Thorens TD 124 and Garrard 301. And yes, you can change tonearms.
Thanks for your response.
I got the table several months ago. It was fine when I got it, but just about a month ago it started noisy. The noise definitely comes from the wheel. I tried to remove the platter, but I couldn't. Looks like it needs a special tool.
I would appreciate it if you send me a manual. I am not a handy man, but I will try to do some cleaning. I guess I don't have much to lose.
I also have 1019 (missing the cartridge shell). I can hear the wheel rolling, but it is much quieter than 1219. Can I salvage some parts (motor or wheel) from 1019 for 1219?
Email me at n@normansizemore.com and I will forward the manuals. There is a small circular retaining ring holding down the platter. Remove the center spindle and you will see a slot. Use a small screwdriver (in the slot) to pry the retaining ring up and off. You do not have to reinstall it. Then pull the platter straight up. Use some 10 weight or similar oil on the idler wheel BEARING... ONE drop should do it. Do not get any oil on the rubber idler itself. Also, let some oil drip down the platter shaft onto the platter ball bearings. You can be liberal here, keep a soft cloth underneath the table for any excess oil that my drip from the bearing. This should keep the table quiet as you read the manuals for a serious cleaning and adjustments. The Dual continuos pole motor is a work horse. I have never seen one fail. Yes, it is the same as the one in the 1019 (late addtions). The idler wheel and platter bearings are different. I am out today but will forward the PDF files tomorrow.