Dual 1009 : Is it a good TT to buy ?

I was looking to buy a Rega P3 to start my Analogue journey. I mostly have old records (though well maintained). Will a Dual 1009 fixed with Shure ME44-7 Cart serve as a good start ? Can it come close to a Rega P2 or P3 ?
Lots of vintage tables can not only come close to a Rega P2 or P3, but beat them. Problem is finding a vintage table in optimum operational condition. Sometimes it takes more to restore these tables to original operating condition than going out and buying a new or well maintained used Rega.

I have a B&O 8002 restored by Soundsmith that is well worth the investment I made in it. Certainly sounds better than my Rega table did.
That Dual was not one of their better tables. The 1229 and 1249 were better tables. I also have a B&O (BG 9000) tangential tracker and think that it is a great sounding table.
I would say contact http://www.fixmydual.com/ and see what they say. That's their business.

Last I heard there were no longer new parts available as Dual discontinued parts for this model as well as other 10 series tables.

I had this table in the early 60's and while state of the art then, my personal belief is that it is nowhere in the leaque of today contemporary turntables. For me personally unless you have a solid collection of 78RPM records or some transcription where you need 16RPM I would not go this route.

However if you have need of those speeds I would opt for the Benjamin Miracord table. Built in West Germany at the time and was far more robust than the Dual.

Just a thought.
My first "stereo system" purchased in 1966 included a Dual 1009, along with Dynaco electronics and AR speakers.

I don't know much about Duals but there were many models that followed that I assume were better. Typical recommendations for the older Duals are for the 12xx series. I've never seen anyone recommend a 1009.

Considering mechanical complexity, an old Dual and a Rega could not be much further apart!
Basically it means I should chuck it ?
the condition of the 1009 is vital...and yes its really good.
You are prolly better off with the Rega.
If you can find a used VPI Scout in good shape and have a decent cartridge I imagine you would like it very very much. The investment in the Cart and don't forget the Phono stage may be more than you want to spend. OTOH a Scout is easy to sell.
Buy the Rega and put a Grado on it if your objective is to buy once and be happy for a long time. I sold every moving magnet made a number of years ago (Before Benz Micro was in market) Grado was then the best MM, followed by Goldring. The Dual is not a good TT and will degrade your sound. Its only virtue was that it was a step up from the Pioneers and Technics made in the 70's and 80's. Shure cartidges while they track well have a dry antiseptic sound whereas the Grado's have great base and excellent mid range tonal color.
I certainly wouldn't chuck it. The Dual 10XX tables were pretty great. I owned a 1019 for many years, and still regret getting rid of it. Like anything, condition matters as others have said. If you choose not to go ahead, sell it here or on the 'Bay, and let someone else love it.
This tuntable good in 1964 not now.
Waste of money.