DTS's CD----wanted to buy

where is a good online site to buy DTS CD's?
A couple of ideas.
Did you go to the first page of the forums and use the search feature to see if this has been discussed before?
type dts and see what you get.
Amazon has some.

I don't know of any online sites, as I have not dipped into dts cd's ...yet... maybe I'll just order one now to see.... thanks! aj
DTS has there own web-site. Amazon should have a DTS section and the selection is good but a little pricy. Try 800.com once you know what you want. Here's a few off the top of my head

Jurasic Park I, II and III
The Rock
Saving Private Ryan
Super Speedway Mach II version (IMAX)
Dolphins (IMAX) One of my personal favovites
The living seas (IMAX)
Eagles Hell freezes over
Leathel Weapon I,II and III

Good luck, and always try to buy DTS when you can get it IMO.
Gee Glenn, aren't those DVD's?

Try Half.com, choose music and then use DTS under search.
Mgl23, They sure look like cd's :~) My bad, guess the coffee hadn't kicked in yet
Try kencrane.com
You guys are the best....thanks and Merry Christmas.