DTS HD via Multi Analog vs DTS via Bistream

I want to ask if there is a big difference between DTS HD/Dolby HD through a multi channel analog out vs DTS/Dolby through a Toslink. I know that the toslinq will not handle the DTS/Dolby HD so it will be down converted.

I'm currently running my blurays through a PS3 ( I know I'll get drilled on this) and I only have a toslink connection to my NAD m15(hdmi is only video for this model).

I'm considering on getting a Oppo 80 (if I can still find one) or equivalent player with analog multi channel out with the HD being decoded internally by the Bluray player.
I will connect it to my Nad M15 7.1 analog input.

So how will the sound compare? Is it a huge enough difference to get a bluray player with a HD internal decoder and mutli analog out?
There's something special about blu-ray lossless audio. I find myself ignoring movies at times just listening to the soundtracks. I'm only running a 4.1 setup with sub-par rear channels so if you have a more all around setup it can only get better.
Actually Samsung has a Bluray player with 7.1 analog out. for $199 @ Costco.

Will I hear a huge difference in quality from a oppo with both outputting 7.1 analog output?

I'm sure the Oppo 93 will be great if not better than the 80 or 83, but at less than half the cost, the Samsung looks attractive. Still debating if its worth the price just to hear DTS-HD/DD-TRUE DH when watching movies.
So if the any B.R. Player(w muli analog out) internally decodes the DTS-HD/DD-HD signal and outputs it through its 7.1/multi channel analog output, does the pre-processor its connected to decode it again to output a "close to" the HD lossless signal?
And if it does, then does it matter if I use a cheaper B.R player (like the Samsung) to use it as a source and rely on my NAD processor to output "quality" HD surround sound.

If I use/or had a processor with HDMI then I would think the Oppo would be a better choice? But for analog output perhaps the difference is not so dramatic... any thoughts?
No. Once it is decoded, it is decoded. OTOH, if the player is competent, it will have been decoded with full HD lossless resolution.

No. Your NAD processor cannot "fix" the quality if it is corrupted upstream.

No. Why would you think that the Oppo is a better choice if you are using HDMI. The Samsung has HDMI as well.

No. It is likely the Oppo is better if you use the 7.1 analog outputs.

Will you hear a difference? Dunno.
My newly received Oppo BDP-93 sounds great using the 7.1 analog output :). Thanks all for all your input, advice and comments. Enjoy the holidays :)