DTS HD Master & Dolby True HD set up

Hi everybody.
I have denon 2500btci blu-ray support DTS HD Master & Dolby true HD and use denon avr4306 for pre/pro.
If I want to enjoy this new HD format which should I choose.
setup blu-ray has
*Mix Audio Output-Output the secondary and interactive audio with primary audio if it is available(audio will be output in a multi LPCM format.)
*HD Audio Output-Output only the primary audio(audio will be output in bitstream.)
Which one should I choose.
2nd question is
*HDMI Multi(normal)-The multi-channel audio signals are output from the HDMI OUT with bitstream or LPCM
*HDMI Multi(LPCM)-The multi-channel audio signals are
output from the HDMI OUT with a LPCM.
which one should I choose for ..new HD format.
Need your help....Thanks
I am afraid that I am the bearer of bad news. You have chosen poorly. The 2500 is a transport and will not decode DTS HD Master or Dolby true HD. In addition, your AVR4306 lacks these codecs as well. Thus, no matter what combination of settings you pick, you cannot get what you are asking for. If either of these devices is new (probably the BluRay player because the AVR is an older model), consider returning it immediately and getting a compatible device.


Kr4 is correct. If you had the Panasonic BD 55 or similar, the Blu-Ray player could do the decoding.
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Actually the Denon 4306 has HDMI v1.1 and does accept multichannel audio inputs in LPCM.

The Denon 2500 does output all the new codecs in either bitstream or LPCM, and will even automatically select which one your receiver/prepro takes, so as long as it's outputting LPCM you can use all the new codecs.
I am afraid not. If you look at the fine print, you will see that the 2500 cannot decode either DTS HD Master or Dolby true HD. See page 11 of manual.

If you select such a codec, the 2500 will output as undecoded bitstream (which the 4306 cannot decode) or as multi LPCM. However, the multi LPCM is derived from the dts Core or the Dolby Digital stream and not from the HD data.

I'm pretty sure my 2500 decodes and sends the signal pcm if I choose that option. You can do it in the set up menu. I'm pretty positive that this player gives both options.

Here's my re[ply to that exact question of Denon.

Hi Ken,

The DVD-2500BTCI can convert Dolby/dts HD to LPCM if the BD Audio Mode is set to Multi LPCM, or the unit will do it automatically if connected to a device that doesnÂ’t support Dolby/dts HD.

So he will be fine with this setup and be able to use the new codecs, I saw what you referred to but have always been told to the contrary.
Well, they need to correct all their literature, both the product sheet and the user's manual. In addition, they need to stop telling us otherwise at press events.

Frankly, it is in stark contrast to the original product introductions in which the 2500 was presented as a "transport" for the HD codecs and, consequently, as a less expensive alternative to the 3800 for those who had a processor capable of handling the bitstream.

So, from your message, Kennyt, I take it that you, like me, have never actually tried it. I'd love to hear it from someone who has.


Actually I've had one for a couple months, and have used it both with LPCM in one system and bitstream in another. It's a nice unit, a bit slow still to load and it doesn't do Profile 2.0 (if that interests you, I'm not too impressed with that) and when it locks up on a disc you have to often power it down and reboot it, which takes some time and ruins the flow of a movie.
OK. I am quite surprised. Very surprised. Almost incredulous.

Thank you Kal & Ken.also Bob
yesterday I try set up 1&4 and 2&3 with DTS HD recorded blu-ray disc (Verdi AIDA & B B KING Live).
It make different. 1&4 set up is much better to me which means work.

Thanks again

Hi everyone.
I just got e-mail from Paul Belanger Denon Canada.
He said
Denon DVD2500 & DVD1800btci Both only support DTS HD & Dolby Tru HD via bitstream to an HDMI 1.3 enabled AVR.
With means looks like I needs new receiver such as Denon AVR3808ci or Integra DHC9.9 for pre/pro.
I know nothing about Integra.
Whichone should I choose.
needs your help.
02-07-09: Kennyt: Kal, Why?
Because the 2500 was originally marketed as a transport to connect to processors that could decode the HD codecs and to differentiate it from the 3800.

Funny, it seems even Denon themselves don't know what this thing will output!