DTS-ES Question

Can someone please answer a simple question? What happens when I feed a DTS ES signal in a receiver that only handles DTS. For instance, if I feed a B&K ref 20 a DTS ES signal, will it not decode at all or will it just leave out the rear center channel?

I'm looking to buy a used preamp but I don't have a rear center speaker. I wouldn't worry about it but I've noticed that a lot of the newer DVDs don't give you a choice of plain DTS anymore, just DTS-ES.


DTS-ES is matrixed from your rear left and right speakers. If your receiver cant decode it, relax, the sound should come from your rear left and right speakers. I think.
It will most likely mix the rear center with the rear surrounds.
It will be down-mix into your surround speakers. Doesnt really matter because DTS is DTS, ES is matrix so not a real individual track and they down-mix automatically.