DTS Concert Videos, Music

I am eagerly awaiting the new U2 Live from Slane Castle concert DVD ( ). I was pleasently surprised to see that the new concert DVD will be both 16:9 and provide a DTS track.

Maybe this discussion belongs in "Music" rather than tech talk, but I notice substantial differences when listen to a DTS music track compared to a DD mix. I am asking other members to suggest some good concert DVDs w/ DTS tracks. Aside from the excellent Hell Freezes Over DTS DVD, the only other concert disc in my collection is the Queen: We Will Rock You DVD. Among non-DTS titles, I felt that "The Last Waltz" was superb.

So let's hear it - some concert DVDs w/ excellent sound, preferably DTS.
Let me point out that seconds after posting this, I noticed a similar thread from about a month ago. Why it eluded me until I posted a nearly identical question is clearly explicable by Murphy's Law.

I welcome any more responses, but am sorry for the similar question.
Other concert videos I own w/DTS encoded soundtracks include Toto Live in Amsterdam, also Don Henley "Live Inside Job". Although I'm not ahuge Don Henley fan the DVD is exceptionally well produced with a Great Surround Mix. He also assembled a Top Notch Band for this Tour. The Toto Concert is also very well done. One other DTS Title on DVD is Peter Frampton Live in Detroit. Happy Listening!
If you like floyd try the Dave Gilmour Live DVD. The sonics are excellent.