DTR 70.6 Help Needed

I just purchased an Integra DTR 70.6 receiver.  I have in-ceiling speakers in my kitchen that I would like to have play the same digital source (Tidal from my PC into the receiver via the optical input) as in my main TV/listening room. I have the Zone 2 RCA output going through an Integra ADM-2.1 as I am using the receiver's Zone 2 speaker posts to bi-amp my Revel F12s.

How can I get the same thing to play on the main and Zone 2, or alternatively get my digital signal out through the WholeHouse mode?

Any help is appreciated as this is one of the main reasons I upgraded to the 70.6 from the 9.9.  Thank you.
Only analog sources can output to Zone 2 and 3 RCA output, you need to connect your Tidal from PC optical output to an external DAC and connect the external DAC analog output to 70.6 any one of the line input.
Imhififan:  Thank you very much for the response.

Will I lose anything (any of the benefits of Tidal or straight digital) by doing as you suggest?

What DAC would be good?
I understand your concern of adding another DAC to your system, if zone 2 in-ceiling speakers in your kitchen just for background music, you can use your PC headphone/line-out connect to the 70.6 one of the line input via a 3.5mm to RCA cable, and select that input as zone 2 playback source.
Thank you again for your help.  I will try what you suggest and see how it sounds.