DTIPro 32 on the Blink

My DTIPro 32 is throwing tantrums. I'm getting input locked in, but after about 2 seconds of output I hear a click and lose it. (Mute circuit kicking in?) At that point it's locking up and won't do anything until I power it up again. Anybody know if this is a common problem, and/or have any suggestions? I've tried (unsuccessfully) to contact Duster V. re: repair. Time to move on? Thanks.
Why don't you try a different digital cable before you move on?
gem4: now, wait a minute. is your dti "on the blink" or "throwing tantrums"? if the former, try visine. if the latter, i'd just try givin' it a good spanking (after a "time out," of course, if you're a PC parent). -cfb
Most of the AA stuff was finiky but DTI Pro32 was the worst in my experience.

First of all, which input are you using? If you are using the I2S input, remember that even if you have your DTI Pro32 power off, it is still getting +5v from the transport power supply and can make the Pro32 instable as you power back up. I would recommend turning power off to entire digital link and turning the transport back on last.

As previous poster has suggested, check you cable first and try by passing the DTI Pro 32 to make sure rest of your chain is performing properly before throw in the towel.

Let me know if you still have problems and what the results are from above tests.

I am still using DTI Pro 32 without much trouble but do have a dead one also.

Guess I'm spending too much time with my 5 year old ... the DTI is taking "time outs" on its own initiative (that's the fundamental problem)... And a meaningful spanking would certainly inflict more harm on my hand than the unit... However, I have considered chucking it against the wall..... think that would help?
For years I used mine via the (optional) ST input without problem. Last year I acquired a DDS-Pro and hooked it to the DTI Pro 32 via IIS. I powered up the DDS, then powered up the DTi. It locked up. I thought it was defective, but after experimentation I found that the DTI needed to power up before the DDS (this power-up order had never been an issue through the ST input).

I don't understand why this happened. I know it is a tempermental unit, though.

So have you changed input connections on your DTI lately? Does it get secondary lock before hanging? Can you try another power supply?
Thanks for the ideas .... I'll give them a try on Monday and let you know how it goes (that system is in my office....) I've been trying to use it with my Esoteric P-10 transport ... conventional digital cable out - into a DDE 3.0 via I2S ... (with no alternatives re: output on the P-10 ). The cable I've been using is the powered AA digital cable; perhaps that's causing the problem Ki mentioned. I bought the DTIPro 32 a couple of months ago, and have never been able to get it to work properly in that system, so I just put my DTIPro back in (with no problems). I did try it between my Cal Delta and Sigma (with a different digital cable), and had the same problem (thought I didn't try the different output options on the Delta). I've been using a PS2 power supply, but also have a PS3 and PS4 that I can try. Again, thanks for the assistance ....
No luck with change of cables, power supply, or sequence for power up of equipment. It doesn't seem to matter what's connected (or if anything is connected at all - input or output). The unit seems fine for a couple of seconds, then completely locks up (with all the lights on). It is worth the effort for the upgrade from my DTIPro? (I've been thinking about upgrading the DDE 3.0 DAC anyway, perhaps its time to rethink the AA combo. Guess I could use the DTIPro 32 as a doorstop...) Again, thanks for the suggestions.
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