DTI PRO 32 between Sony CD/DVD and TA-E9000ES Pre/

I'm new to the audio hobby and I'm wondering if adding a AA DTI PRO 32 (Or other jitter reducer) between my sony CD player and Sony Digital Pre/Pro will improve soundstage, detail, and tighten bass with out loosing feeling. I use a Sony DVP-S9000ES for Redbook CDs and also a Sony ES jukebox for CD-Rs. The output from these players is send via toslink or Coax to the TA-E9000ES. It does a prety good job but I'm wondering if a jitter reducer can help take the system to a new level. Any comments will help.
AA DTI PRO 32 will not pass AC3 or DTS signals.

Monarch Audio makes a unit that will pass AC3/DTS signals and is a tremendous value at about $200 used here on A/gon

If your pockets are a little deeper, you might consider the Camelot Dragon Pro Mark 2. Not all Dragons can pass AC3/DTS but most(check with Mel or Howard first on upgrade) can be upgraded for around $300. I just had one done for $318 including return shipping to CT. Dragons that will pass AC3/DTS run about $700 used / upgradeable dragons run between $400 and $500 plus the $300 for the upgrade chip http://www.camelot-tech.com

I've owned all the AA stuff from the original DTI/XDPdac combo thru the PRO 32 with the upgraded chip and high current power supply.
I now use (2) Cam/Dragon Mark 2 in a double jitter configuration.
Email me if you have any questions.