DSS w/ Multiple Tuners

Is anyone aware of anyone manufacturing a DSS Receiver w/ multiple built in tuners? To allow for multi zone use viewing several different signals at once?
Not to my knowledge.Gotta have dual lbn's and two recievers.
That's my understanding as well. The price of a second tuner if you get the first with dual LNB is pretty cheap, if you don't need DD audio output. Circut City and Tweeter selling for $79 with a second dish included. Also, unless the multi-tuner had an RF remote, you wouldn't be able to change channels from the other "zones". Most top of line DSS recvrs have an RF remote, but none to my knowledge with multiple tuners. Then DTV/Dish can get you for a second connection (actually only about $5/mo.)
Old post update. They now have the 2 tuner box(2 lbns required). Also in the same box; now has webtv,and "tivo" All in the one box.