DSPeaker Anti-mode 8033 ii works wonders with my new sub

I have a new SVS sb2000 that I got dialed in about 95% (2 channel music) to where I could not determine sub location. I was really happy. Problem was, wife was not happy about the location. So i placed the sub back in the corner behind the left speaker and ordered the Anti-mode at the suggestion of a fellow 'Goner. All I can say is wow. The sub, in the corner where it was boomy and too blossomed before, is perfect. I like a bit louder bass than most. With the Anti-mode, I can be a bit bass heavy without the "boominess". Bass is very tight 
I'm adding a second sub in a month or so, so I can use the 8033ii for a stereo sub set up as well. 

I highly suggest this product!!

Glad the SVS is working out for you, aberyclark. 

I have a pair of SVS1000s positioned inside floors standers and on the same plane, also well away from room corners and a couple feet from the wall behind them.  They "sound invisible" to me but your comments about the DSP 8033 make me wonder how much better things could be.  Thanks for sharing.
Good to hear you like the Antimode. When I acquired mine I called the manufacturer in Finland and talked with one of the engineers: with the Antimode the best position for the sub is well into a corner. This gives maximum corner reinforcement for more power, smallest dips, but also biggest peaks. The first two effects are an advantage and the peaks can be dealt with by the Antimode. It works well, and in many situations the sub will also be less visible.
I am similarly saving for a second sub. That will not be stereo, but dual mono. The Antimode 8033 does not have stereo outputs, and that would not be quite so desirable either. At these frequencies bass is completely non directional, and dual mono subs give a smoother response than stereo subs.
Thanks for this post, I'm going to put my sub in the corner and try it. I pulled it toward the listening position to account for any delay in the 8033. 

I use one with a pair of 15" Rythmik sealed subs to augment the bass on my Avantgarde Duos. It is effective and pretty straightforward to set up. Some of the test tones while in set up mode are earth shaking. Does the job at very low (relative) cost. I'm rolling off very low (55hz) and steep (-24 db/octave) and feeding the subs from a second set of outputs on the line stage, so nothing is in between my main amps and speakers. 
My sub volume is now just above the 9 o'clock position and it blends great at all levels. Just the right amount of whack and fullness that sound perfect and balanced. When I do late night, very low volume listening, I have an EQ in my preamps processor loop to use basically as a loudness function. 

I say the Anti-mode 8033 (I have the version ii with the extra calibration steps) is well worth it. 
For stereo subs, the Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is necessary. There are a number of them available used right now for around $500.
Actually, you can use the 8033ii for stereo. The 180 phase output also serves as one of the channels. One would have to have a sub with phase switch to make sure the phase is same as other channel. 
@aberyclark - you are correct that you can feed two subs but it is dual mono, not stereo. The owner's manual states that to get stereo subs you need two of the 8033 units or the bigger one @bdp24 mentioned. I have my subs hooked up in the manner you described- out output is out of phase and I correct that at the subwoofer. 
Whart is 100% correct (as was I ;-). You can run two subs off the 8033, but both may receive only the same A + B (summed mono) signal, not separate left or right (stereo) ones. At $500, go for the 2.0 Dual Core.
Dual mono is also preferable as it produces a smoother equalization. At such low frequencies sound is omnidirectional in any case.
Ahh..thanks. Yes, the manual suggests a y cable or switching phase at other sub. Plus, the manual suggests doing dual mono for more balanced tone. I would hate to spend another $500 for a dual core. I'm not certain what the 8033ii would bring in the used market
So you don't need a second 8033 or a dual core. Since you can invert phase on the SB2000 you do not even have to get a Y cable.
I picked up a Dual Core Anti Mode second hand and I'm awaiting it's delivery (today, in fact).

I have Thiel 2.7 speakers I'm looking to augment with my two new JL 110E subs (I made a thread about it).  I hate the look of subwoofers, though went with 2 as that is most often advised.  Right now both are along the front wall a couple feet behind each Thiel speaker.  But I'm hoping to put one of them behind my listening sofa, essentially using a diagonal dual sub set up (one of the set ups recommended by JL Audio).

So I'm hoping the Anti-Mode will help get a seamless blend and reduce the likelihood of being able to localize the sound in the subs.

Should I run the optical out of my blusound into the DSPeaker and then the optical out of the DSPeaker into my Ps Audio Directream DAC and then into my pre amp for the cleanest signal path?