DSpeaker Anti mode 2.0 Dual Core

Has anyone here heard this or used it? I've thought this was a cool piece but haven't heard anyone here talk about it.

Any input or opinions would be appreciated! Thanks
A unit that I have really enjoyed. Great for the DSP features and analysis that it provides. A little trickier to execute the EQ.

But damn can this do wonders to tame a room!
Please elaborate. How long have you been using it? Are you using it as a DAC and Volume control? I figure if I can plug it straight into an amp and get awesome results, I'd try it out!
Lots of threads over at Audiocircle.
Description and comments here:
I love what the anti- mode does to low frequencies but now, I'm using it in pure digital mode so that I just use the room correction. I'm experiencing clipping. I know that there are some setting that you can use to alleviate the problem - just don't have a clue how to do it. As well, the anti-mode is down sampling all of my hi-res files to 16/44.