DSPeaker 8033 Anti-Mode and REL sub, anyone?

I wasn't even sure in which forum to post this thread, but given it's mostly about the sub I went with speakers: I'm interested in a 8033 Anti-Mode to go with my Rel Storm III. Anyone has experience with a similar setup?

I'm wondering about the Rel's performance when driven from the Lo Input, therefore bypassing the ABC network. Rel does not recommended lo input for audio.
Sumiko says lo input is not a good idea, but likely don't know the 8033.
DSPeaker says no problem, but I'm wondering if that's a blanket statement or one taking the Rel into consideration.
So I turn again to this forum for great feedback.

Anybody willing to share thoughts? Pleaaase??
Hey Lewinskih01,
I have a REL B2 Subwoofer with Harbeth Monitor 30 Speakers in a small 11.5 by 14 room. I run the Monitor 30's full range with the Sub as low frequency fill.

I'm using a DSPeaker 8033C with great results. Tim Ryan of SIMPLI FI AUDIO was great help with my set-up. Tim also made-up and provided the required stereo output to mono cable between my preamp outputs and the 8033C input.

I was able to make an appointment with Tim to stop by my home, we both live in Southern California. Tim utilized pink noise generation with special supplimental room monitoring equipment to read & graph my room levels. With the 8033C connected and calibrated, Tim was able to dial in my REL Sub with a crossover point and output level to fall seamless just under my Monitor speakers. The end results was a virtual flat response. Amazing what you can do with the correct equipment and knowledge.

I'm very happy with my DSPeaker 8033C Anti-Mode and the assistance I received from Tim. We know it works OK with low-level inputs into a REL B-Series sub.

If possible, the best would be to audition the Anti-Mode in your system and set-up with a return option. Then you would know for sure. Best of Luck.
Thank you very much for your reply!

Unfortunately I live in a country where audition is not feasable.

I'm a bit confused because you mentioned the lo-input is what you are using, which does not go through the ABC crossover/network inside the Rel, but before that you mentioned "Tim was able to dial in my REL Sub with a crossover point and output level to fall seamless just under my Monitor speakers"...meaning I guess a crossover is being used. Is that an external crossover between the preamp and Rel?

BTW, running the main speakers full range is also what I intend to do, so thanks for sharing your experience. It really is spot on!
Hi Lewinski01,
My REL B2 has a four position Mode Selector so I can engage or bypass the internal and also select phase when using the low-level input.

I think the internal crossover is the same as the Active Bass Control (ABC).

Below is the Mode Switch description from the B2 manual:
MODE SWITCH. Used to set phase* and to bypass crossover for Low Level input**.
Position 1 / Line: 0 degrees phase, crossover engaged low level input
Position 2 / LFE: 0 degrees phase, crossover bypassed for low level input
Position 3 / Line: 180 degrees phase, crossover engaged for low level input
Position 4 / LFE: 180 degrees phase, crossover bypassed for low level input
*Phase selection affects both Hi and Lo level inputs
**Crossover is always engaged for Hi level input regardless of mode switch
I could not find the manual on-line for your REL Storm 111 but I think this model has the same four position mode switch.

The manual notes when using the REL high-level input, you cannot bypass the internal crossover.

I currently have the internal REL crossover engaged with the DSPeaker 8033C.

When I first auto-calibrated the SUB with the internal 8033C test tones & microphone, I bypassed the internal REL sub crossover. After completion of the auto-calibration step, I then engaged the internal crossover and selected the crossover point & output level.

FWIW - I will later post my final crossover set-point.

You should be able to drop SIMFLI FI Audio an e-mail for any DSPeaker technical questions, they always have have been generous with their time, advice, thoughts, & also opinions!!

Hopefully this helps a little, Steve