DSP with an Integrated Amp?

My gear consist of a Parasound Hint6 integrated driving B&W 606 S2s and a pair of REL t7i's. I have been unsuccessful in integrating my subs using the method REL recommends. My listening room front wall opens on the right into the dining room and the bass is superb... when I'm in the dining room! 

I thought DSP might be the way to go and use Dirac room correction so I contacted miniDSP asking which product I should go with and told them specifically I had an integrated and was wanting to do room correction.. They recommended DDRC24.

I tried numerous configs and was unable to get the program to work so contacted them again. This is the reply I got- 

Unfortunately that won't work in that case as we only support line level. You can't apply DSP to an amplified connection. the DSP needs to be "before" amplification, not after. You'll have to figure out a way to put the processing before... With an all in one amplifier doing 2.1 processing, adding DSP won't be possible I'm afraid..

I reached out to forums and was told I could run source in (Toslink) to the DDRC and run analog out to the integrated analog in. How would/ does this work to do room correction? The only thing it can process is the source correct? I know I'm probably confused and I know Millercarbon will post another link to his system but I could use some help understanding and thus far miniDSP customer service is non existent after purchase.

Did you try any of the subwoofer integration the Hint 6 has? I wouldn’t bother trying to get the minidsp in the chain unless you use the direct analog in where it says theater bypass using the L&R inputs which is bypassing the preamp and using volume control with the minidsp. You can get a remote for the DDRC24
So, you've gone round and round with this, not liking the answers.

No, you can't put DSP before your amp with a Hint6, and that's where it has to go to affect the amp.

Your best bet, and it's a very very good one is  a hybrid approach.  Use the built in crossover settings to set a high pass filter to your main speakers and then use your DSP for the sub only.  Here:

  1. Preamp out -> Crossover -> On
  2. Preamp out -> Hz -> 80 Hz or higher
  3. Subwoofer out -> Crossover -> Off

Now, feed your DSP from the sub outs. You'll get full range (due to 3, above) so you'll use the DSP to set the crossover, delay and any EQ there.

Best of luck.
Thank you @erik_squires I have gone round and round with it but no one has answered my questions until you did just now. Sub outs to dsp analog input, dsp output 1-2 to subs. Will this configuration allow me to run Dirac and if so would I run my usb from laptop to usb input on integrated or on the mini? I'm sorry for my ignorance.
You would go from laptop to integrated for playing back music.

Dirac on the miniDSP would work, but it would only correct the sub.
To add to what’s been said....

Next time you change gear, look for an integrated with its own DSP (e.g., NAD M33) or one with pre-out and main-in jacks. Either way will allow you to use Dirac for whatever frequencies you want.
On the back of the Hint6 you will see theater bypass/amp input. You connect the minidsp analog 1 and 2 out to the L&R amp input which connects directly to the amp bypassing the preamp. You connect minidsp analog out 3 with 1 subwoofer or 3 and 4 with 2 subwoofers. You set the crossovers in the minidsp and it controls like a preamp. There is to much to go into in a thread read the manual you can run Dirac on all your speakers after setting the parameters in the minidsp plugin.

How it Works
The HINT 6 Theater Bypass function routes the incoming L and R (front) channels from your
surround receiver (processor) L and R Preamp Output jacks directly to the HINT 6’s power amp
stage, bypassing the preamp stage and all controls. The HINT 6 functions as a pure standalone
power amplifier when its Bypass input is used.

That would work wouldn't it @djones51! I am using the HT bypass with a Denon receiver for 5.2 so I'll have to figure a work around. I spent what time I had trying other options so I'll give it a whirl tomorrow! Thanks much!

@erik_squires I did have it hooked up per your recommendation but as you said it is only running through the subs so when I ran Dirac it was not able to send a signal to the mains. I'm not sure what the eficacy will be as of yet. I ran out of time. Thanks.
You connect the minidsp analog 1 and 2 out to the L&R amp input which connects directly to the amp bypassing the preamp. You connect minidsp analog out 3 with 1 subwoofer or 3 and 4 with 2 subwoofers.

The miniDSP has 4 RCA jacks as Outputs.  Since the L&R Inputs each have 2 RCA jacks as Inputs and there are 2 Inputs (L&R), that means the Amp Inputs total 4 jacks.  For this to work each RCA jack on the miniDSP must carry both L&R signals and the connection from the miniDSP to the Amp would require a 1 Male RCA to 2 Male RCA connection.  Is that correct?