DSP subwoofer Room Correction

As I've said in another post about th2 subs I've wittled it down to,
B&W DB1DParadigm Persona
I'm looking at their room correction .

The B&W uses an APP and if you have an Android phone the App is very limited and is almost useless if you believe the App reviews on Playstore.

I like the convenience of the App but Room Correction EQ doesn't work unless you have a small range of specific Android phones.

The Paradigm uses ARC with a microphone calibrated to the sub and a PC. I've used this on my current sub and it works well and once set up you can just forget about it. The sub also has physical knobs to make adjustments.

The ARC also flattens both nulls and peaks.

The B&W allows you more convenience and preloaded settings for music/home theater and you can save some strings 

It needs a wifi connection and isn't probably as good and security may be an issue as well since it's connected to the internet (updates may be easier).

I want to like the B&W as it goes a little lower, fits better as I could put one on each side wall parallel to the long wall keeping it away from the front wall with one cone firing to the towards the front wall 5' away, and the other towards the listening direction.

The Personas would need to go on the front wall and aren't as size friendly for placement.6-8" drivers firing on 3 different sides. 1 driver facing into the listening direction and the 2 others facing on an angle towards the front wall at about a 45degree angle.

 Would the ARC take care of the placement issue of putting them by the front wall in the vicinity of the corner.
Which room correction would be better with positioning being an important factor as well.

B&W just in front of my main speakers (parallel to the long wall) on the outside of themPersona behind the mains and firing into the room at a 30-45 degree angle on the inside of the mains.