DSP on an PC

Does anyone know of a solid dsp program that can be used in either of the following 2 ways:

1. Instead of ripping cd's to a computer as wav files, can they be ripped as a lossless format using a dsp? (so that when replayed they will automatically have the dsp sound.) For example, if an "arena" or similar dsp or eq setting was preferred, could the cd be ripped to the computer so that the songs have the dsp or eq setting built-in?

2. Is there a good program that can make songs sound "forward", take away the "forward" sound, deepen the soundstage, and otherwise change the sound almost as if changing the brand of components in an audio system?

Thanks in a advance for any feedback.
The idea that PC based DSP can "change brands" might not be met with a lot of enthusiasm around here.

In the meantime, you could check out the Alesis Masterlink device.

Not cheap and not a PC, but that is supposedly the standard to burn CDs with signal processing including EQ.