DSP Devices for Room/Speaker Correction

The current issue of TAS has a review of the TACT RCS 2.0 DSP, a device devoted to correcting problems in the interface characterisitcs between room and speaker. There are several other models of DCS devices, such as the SigTech, Accuphase, and Perpetual. I long ago concluded that there was little more I could do to correct some of the anomalies in my listening environment, but the TAS article really caught my attention. I'd like to hear from others who have had some experience with DSP room/speaker corrections systems.

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Most DSP based room acoustic correction equipment assumed the listener sit at a fix location and throught a closed loop monitor and apply compensation techniques (microphone to digitizer to DSP to amplifier to speaker) nulling out the anomaly cause by interaction between the speakers and the room. The problem arise when the listening position is changing (listener move about in the room) then the system must be retrained to compensate for a new listening location. Currently there is not existed a powerful DSP device that is capable of doing that kind of realtime correction so there are still room for improvement. Cheers,