DSP Capability

Still hoping Kal will respond to an earlier post as follows:

In Kal’s January 2009 Music in the Round column, when listening to both “192 kHz” Master Audio and TrueHD tracks decoded in an Integra DTC-9.8 he stated “All processors have limited DSP capabilities, and the Integra DTC-9.8 cannot use Audyssey EQ with HD sources over 96 kHz”. Wowsa; as Wes Phillips would say!!

In all my reading, discussing, etc., this particular issue has never come up and it’s a critical issue in my mind. Kal has the ability of placing his Audyssey Pro Equalizer after the Integra to maintain room equalization, but the majority of us do not have that luxury.

I looked at the spec sheet for the DTC-9.9. For DSP it only lists

DSP Type / QTY 32 BIT / 3

Three 32-bit DSP processors. 100 MIPS? 200 MIPS? How fast do we have to go? This appears to be a good reason for doing the bitstream decoding in the BD player (lessening the DSP load in the prepro), although Kal said that “he could hear no difference between PCM and bitstream via the Integra”.

And what did the Integra do in that case? Down convert the signal to 96 kHz? Turn Audyssey off? To many twists and turns; not enough time.

" Down convert the signal to 96 kHz?"

Nope.  As we know now, they downconvert to 48kHz.