DSP / Analog Eq / room treatments


I have a pair of Sophia 2's connected to Burmester 051 amp and Burmester 061 cd player. The room I have is not perfect with a bass peak of 30 hz, a suck in 70-80 hz and two peaks at 200 and 260hz in the left speaker (corner). The right channel speaker has less peak at 30hz (8dB less than the left speaker), but a peak at 50hz (5dB more than left speaker)and a peak at 80-90hz (9dB more than left speaker) and to peaks as the left speaker at 200 & 260Hz.

I am looking at various room treatments (ASC, Realtraps and GIK), but I am also looking at a) PARC which is a analog eq for 20-400hz. b) Audiolense, a digital sound correction program.

Audiolense states that they require the following:

A computer with Windows XP or Windows Vista with .NET executable installed. Sound card, microphone and microphone preamp for measurement purposes is also required.

Recommended program for real time convolution:

The open source program Convolver made by John Pavel. Audiolense automatically generates configuration files that interface with Convolver. Convolver comes in three packages:

o Convolver that can be inserted as a plugin in for instance Windows Mediaplayer

o Convolverwrapper that can be inserted as a plugin in some of the other software players

o ConvolverVST that can be inserted as a VST plugin in Console or another VST host.

Any real time convolution program that can handle wav files with 32 bit floating point words can be used.

Recommended Microphone and Microphone Amp:

o Any decent quality microphone and microphone amp may be used as long as they fit into the sound card.

o The MP - 1r measurement kit from IBF Akustik is a cost effective solution that provides good measurement results

o MP - 1r comes with a calibration file that may be directly loaded into the Audiolense .

Recommended Sound Card / DAC:

o Professional sound cards or DACs from companies like Lynx or RME are recommended for best performance.

o Typical consumer sound cards will also work well.

o High end USB or firewire DACs with good jitter rejection

o Other combinations of high quality digital output and DACs

o Audiolense works well with embedded sound cards in some of the typical media center computers.

For fully active systems we highly recommend a professional sound card and an internal channel routing that ensures that all sounds are played through the filters.

My Burmester 061 has

Digital inputs:
2 x RCA
Digital outputs:
2 x RCA
Analog outputs:
1 x XLR (bal.), stereo
2 x RCA (unbal.), stereo

I am a little cautious of implementing a bad converter into the chain. I am absolutely a amateur with digital electronics, so I really need some advise here. Would it be possible to use Burmester 061 converters in some manner, and avoid external low grade converters?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Cheeers, Toffen G
You would have to route your music through the PC in order to have a "Any real time convolution program that can handle wav files with 32 bit floating point words can be used." Access should be digital to avoid redundant conversions. So, unless you use your PC as your music source, I would not think this would be a convenient approach.

My advise is to begin with physical treatments as they are effective and, responsibly done, have absolutely no down side; they will make everything sound better. Only after doing these, should you consider whether you need to add an electronic EQ. The Rives PARC is all-analog and you can insert it into the tape monitor loop of your Burmester 051.