I have received my 30th Aniversary Dark Side Of the Moon LP on the EMI Harvest 180 gram label. I am in heaven!

This is probably - IMO - the most essential record that one just have to own! Bliss...

Share your dark side with us...

Dewald Visser
Is it that good Dewald? How does it compare to the other pressings ?
Have you heard the multi-channel DVD-Audio version that was going around the Internet a few months back? If not, you ought to - it sounds fabulous! Email me for details...

I have the 30th Anniversary as well. It has its positive qualities: it is dead quiet, flat, nice thick vinyl and EMI deserves top marks for the quality control on it. I ended up picking up a pretty clean used copy for my son (1973 Canadian pressing with Mastered by Capitol stamped into the deadwax followed by "Wally" in handwriting FWIW) for about $5 that to my ears just sounds better: more open, dynamic and communicative than the 30th which, although quieter, sounds a bit "muffled" by comparison.

Opinions on the 30th Anniversary edition are all over the place. Good music though. I was never into Pink Floyd when I was younger but really like some of their stuff now.
Zenieth - Yes it is really that good... (see below)

Rlwainwright - I did have a listen to the DVD-A disc a while ago - it totally irritated me up to the point that I stopped the disc. (System was: B&W 802D, Classe Drive, DAC, Poweramps)

Hdm - I just love the 30th Annvr edition - it is top quality and I totally agree. LP is super quiet, deep; dark silence with excellent dynamics. The sound is presented with such luxurious detail it is frightning. Well done EMI!

I did own the CD edition way back but gave it away - didn't like it at all... but now I love it to bits... I actually don't listen to CD that often anymore. It is all analogue!

Share my dark side?

Man, was I a bad kid. When I was fourteen I ripped DSOTM (original EMI pressing) off the father I was babysitting for. Like he wouldn't know who did it.

I listened to both sides that evening and was blown away.

28 years later I still have that still-warm vinyl as well as Pink Floyd's twelve other LP releases, a couple bootlegs and everything Syd Barret. All legally obtained.

I would love to return that LP and make ammends but I can't recall my good neighbors' name. Too much Syd I guess. God bless his soul.

For some reason I never was called back to babysit.
Hals den - your a very naughty boy! 'Stealing' other good people's DSOTM LP's - just joking man!

DSOTM must be in every audiophile's record shelf - and on the ttable. Comprende?

Kind regards,
Dewald V
I have 15 copies of DSOTM. My favs:

Japanese Pro Series Vinyl, EMI EMLF97002
Japanese 30th Anniversary CD/SACD, CAPITOL TOGP15001
UK Vinyl First Release, HARVEST SHVL804
US Vinyl First Release, HARVEST SMAS11163
UK Vinyl First Release Quad, HARVEST Q4SHVL804
US 30th Anniversary CD/SACD, CAPITOL CDP 72435821362

These are all superior to the 30th Anniversary vinyl and MOFI vinyl releases IMO.
Interesting, the cheap used copy I referred to in my post above is a Canadian Harvest SMAS11163. I agree with Audiofeil, as I stated, that it sounds better than the 30th Anniversary.
Your "Wally" copy was actually released in 1980/81 during the 4th pressing. These codes should be on the deadwax:

SMAS-1-11163 F-67 #6 Wally / SMAS-Z-11163 G69 #3 Cole

There should also be a bar code on the rear.

No bar code on the rear. Deadwax on side one is:

SMAS-11163-A-3 T6 2

Side 2 deadwax is:

SMAS-2-11163 7 F-54 Stamped "Mastered by Capitol" followed by a "Wally" signature in the deadwax.

Any ideas? Jeez, I gave it to my son. It better not be the best pressing I'll ever be able to find!!!
See my thread about old pressings sounding better than new releases...

To be honest - I haven't heard and old pressing - only the CD version....