DSF and DSD Audio Files.....help

I have some dsd audio files and dsf audio files that I am looking to convert into a format that is easier to access.  Currently, I'm using a 4TB portable drive through my Oppo BD103 but it will not convert these files. I was thinking about adding a Synology DS918+ with Roon Nucleus+.  Does anyone readily know if this would work?  If not I would love to hear some suggestions that do work.
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I have a Roon, and it does play DSD files just fine.

If you really want to create new FLAC files so you can play them anywhere then doing so with ffmpeg on linux is the easiest way. See the second comment here:



Thanks so much Erik —

I really appreciate your feedback.  The info helps!!

dbPoweramp also will allow conversions of DSD files to other formats like FLAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, APL etc.  A free DSD add-on codec from dbPoweramp will need to be installed however.....
Thanks, this is helpful.