DSD Playback and DSD Database

As an audiophile saving up his pennies, I am researching DACs to add a linkup to computer downloads for my stereo system. In my search, I came across the topic of DSD and DSD native recordings. From what I read, they are highly refined recordings, many of which apparently are not playable through a lot of the entry point DACs being currently offered on the market. As I looked to see what's available, I found this online database that lists DACs compatible with this format, as well as other things DSD:


Your thoughts?
You're welcome. This DSD native file playing capability intrigues me. I would be curious to see what others out there feel about it or can say about the experience with their DACs linked up to their computers.
I have jumped in to DSD in a big way and it is the best digital sound I've heard. The Teac UM-501 is only $800 and a great way to try DSD out!

Good luck!
Thanks, Nsirkin! I read about that player and, from what I read, it sounds fascinating.

The way I look at it, the DSD market is just relatively new, so I anticipate more competition dropping in and prices falling, which will serve me well, as I will be saving up to purchase something new hopefully in about a year.


i think you can never go wrong with Mytek, the teacs are very pale in comparison - you can only get so much with a 800-900 dac - go the mytek route - true performance indeed!