DSD hybrids and an SACD player?


I recently purchased a few Rolling Stones “DSD Remastered” disc’s and was both surprised and confused to learn that one of the discs “Let it Bleed” 2002 ABKO: Made in Germany # 18771-9004-2 triggers my Marantz SA-11s1 player to utilize the SACD mode.

Unfortunately, the other DSD Remasters do not? I thought they were all going to be” hybrids” where an SACD layer would be read on all of the discs…Boy am I a dummy! The DSD’s versions even without the SACD function (to my ear) are still a noticeable improvement over the standard (Redbook) ABKO 1986 earlier releases of the material. (In my opinion anyway)
How does one know from the packaging of a DSD disc that it is a true hybrid and will trigger the utilization of SACD function? Thanks in advance for any help or clarity provided. Cheers
Are they in digipacks?

Yes. It's true only the digipacks are SACD.
Thanks for the information provided; I was not aware of the cardboard digipacks being the indicator for an SACD hybrid disc. Live and learn. Cheers,