DSD/DOP & Hegel H390

I am considering acquiring an Hegel H390 integrated amplifier. The H390 internal DAC accepts up to DSD256, but over DOP. I have DSD files up to the DSD256 rate that I play.

Up to this time, I have been using JRiver Media Center as a source for DAC's using up to DSD256 directly (not DOP), via USB to the DAC. Media Center is running under Windows 10. In most cases, the integrated amplifier or standalone DAC required that the host run an associated driver (presumably ASIO) that was provided by the respective hardware vendor. However, the manual for the H390 indicates that no additional USB driver, other than that which is implemented natively in Windows 10, is required.
I have never used DSD over DOP before, or a DAC that does not require a driver. Is there something that I need to know? Or furthermore, is this going to work?
I do not understand your question. Can you explain it more?
DoP is DSD encapsulated in a PCM protocol. The DSD payload for either protocol (native DSD or DSD transporteded by DoP) is identical, so in theory, whether one protocol or the other is used to transport DSD should have no effect on the sound. The payload between the two protocols should be bit-identical. The DAC implementation is what would determine the quality of the reproduction of the DSD stream.
I guess I was referring to playback of DSD direct vs DoP. But now I see that you are considering the purchase and do not actually have the Hegel for comparison. IMO, any differences would be either easy to hear or inconsequential. Several variables may or may not contribute to any audible changes between the new unit and your current set-up. The Hegel’s are highly reviewed and have a good following. Good luck and Happy Listening 🎶
Participants on the JRiver forum have provided testimonials that Media Center has executed DoP successfully for them, although not with an Hegel DAC. I have queried Hegel about verifying interoperability with Media Center's DoP implementation, but Hegel has not responded to this particular request. I don't know whether or not my expectations of Hegel's support are too high, but this is in any case not helpful with the large investment which this product represents for me.