DSD Album Suggestions


I wanted to see if anyone has any DSD Albums that they really like and would recommend?

I bought a few but the one that I think is fantastic is, "Temptation" by Chantal Chamberland.

I think it sounds great and am looking around for more albums like this one.

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Thanks, I have been to there site before.

Good stuff there.
They did a fine job on the Supertramp albums.
I am partial to Spirit of the American Range (2014) because Carlos' summer residency is here and I heard some of it live.
You need to join the Super Audio C D Group on facbook.
James Taylor, Hour Glass.  Terrific one.  Really is.
Diana Krall "Girl in the Other Room" or any others from her.
Holly Cole Trio "Don’t Smoke in Bed", "Temptation".
Natalie Cole "Ask a Woman who Knows ".
Aimee Mann: Bachelor No. 2 and Lost in Space.
Stockfisch-Records - Closer to the Music
Tiny Island, Tiny island (opus 3)
Barb Jungr, Chanson/The space between (Linn)
Gerrard Pressencer, The optimist (Linn)

Thanks for all the suggestions on albums/artists.

I am going to check these out.