DSD 128 or 256

Hello folks,

I am considering Lampizator Big 7 DSD/PRE for next upgrade.  I would like to know how important is to get the DSD256 upgrade at a additional cost. Frankly, I have not even heard or downloaded any files in DSD256 or 128 yet. I am very content with Tidal streaming quality through my Aurender N10. 

Lampi comes standard with DSD128 and charges 500euros for DSD256 upgrade.  I would love to hear opinions from folks who have heard or compared the DSD128 or DSD256 files with Tidal streaming. 

Thank you! 

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Hi lalitk,

This may be very DAC dependent, but with a Mytek, I can't really hear a difference between DSD 64 and higher. I do seem to like DSD a little more, but can't say why exactly.

Tidal streaming is usually pretty good. Listen to the Chet Baker or Mel Torme albums as some examples.