DS Players Sound through S/PDIF output

I would like to ask if there is any hearable difference in performance of different DS players (Majik DS, Sonos, Soolos etc) via Digital output.
I want to go definitely to HD playback, and I have external DAC, which I am absolutely satisfied with (Theta Gen VIII).
I am tending towards combination of Sonos (as Internet radio Tuner) + Majik DS as source for NAS.
I can't provide any comparative information on DS player performance, but I currently use the digital output of the Linn Majik DS to dive my Lyngdorf Millennium IV amp.
It's an excellent transport and performed better on RedBook than some other quite good transports I have. Additionally, of course, it also delivers hi-rez signal.
So, Majik DS standing in my roomm. Few hours of listening to the same material - a/b comparison with sonos zp90, both running on S/PDIF RCA connectors.
I never believed in such a difference. Soundstage is clearly sharper, background really black. Bass more controlled.

2.000 Eur difference is worth it - if your stand-alone DAC is better than Akkurate DS.
Still keeping Sonos as Internet radio+Rhapsody, for seaching for new music.