DS Audio Optical Cartridge

Has anyone heard these cartridges? How does it stack against normal MC's and the Strain Gauge designs
Hi parrotbee,

I have heard two of them in my rig at home.

We have checked here several well known competitors vs. DS-Audio.
The dynamic, detail and high end capabilities of the DS-W1 are
outstanding and carts like the Lyra Atlas, Lyra Etna or ZYX Atmos
could not match that.
Only the soundstage of the ZYX was maybe a bit broader than that
of the DS-W1.

Very interesting is is the new DS-002 as well. It has the best soundstage
I ever had heard in my system and combines the DS-Audio pros with
that plus having an "analog warmth".

One of my friends hearing it said: "Wow, that combines high end audio
with my Shindo-SPU!"

The Soundsmith Strain Gauge to my ears sounds much more than
"digital", DS-Audio much more than "analog" without loosing the