DS Audio: Auto Android/Apple Play Stream from NAS

I recently put together a Synology 1522+ NAS for local streaming via Roon. It works great, but Synology also has a free app called DS Audio for streaming to devices in MP3, or WAV. I can even stream my DSD via Auto Android and it sounds really good. I’m using the same files that I use for Roon streaming and the Auto Android interface is a typical streaming service UI. You can also stream "radio stations" via the app and I can stream to my media room. Maybe this is old news, but was new to me.


It’s a handy thing to do. I have a slightly different setup to do something similar.

I run a DLNA server (MinimServer) and BubbleUPnP Server on my DS1522+. The latter makes the DLNA server available over the Web to certain DLNA control points (in my case, BubbleUPnP).

With that setup, I can access my music library from anywhere that has Internet access. I can play the tracks on my phone or redirect them to any DLNA client (renderer). I’ve even played my own tracks on high-end equipment at audio dealerships (Naim Uniti) and friends’ houses (dCs Rossini, among others).



So, you can stream in native format, whereas this app converts to wav and no idea what is involved in that..but does sound good on the go...but sure your approach much better for high end.

I don't know if you have the same experience, but the 1522+ with cache active seems to just work..no issues with my setup so far.


@vonhelmholtz - The DS1522+ replaced a DS414 in my setup. The earlier one is still working but after 8 years, the new one is much, much faster. As you say, the Synology stuff works smoothly and one doesn’t have to have a ton of tech expertise to run it.