Dry Stylus Brush - Where to find

Hey guys, I've been looking for a while now and I can't seem to find anybody who sells a dry stylus brush. I'm looking for a little very soft bristle dry brush to clear the dust of the stylus. All I can find is that which come with fluids. I already own the LP#9 and though I find it fantastic I don't want to use it too often.

Thanks All, Happy Listening,
Last time I visited www.downtoearthaudio.20m.com (540.375.0080) they had a philips' brush. Also, they have a nice selection of records. Very nice people to deal with. Give them a call. Bill
The Disc Doctor recommends using a 1/4" natural bristle artist's paint brush. Trim the bristles and cut the handle off to make it small enough to use.
get a mustache brush, or a shaver cleaning kit which often has very small brushes
recall a photography brush for lenses. has fine soft bristles, with a rubber bulb at the opposite end, that squeezed blows air. sweep and blow action. kurt
Hi! The paint brush is a great idea. I used one for years. If you go to an art supply store, you can choose from dozens of bristle lengths and stifness as well. The next best thing might be to contact Benz - Micro and ask if they could supply you with one of their stylus brushes which is the best in my opinion.
will do nicely. you dont have to remove the headshell to clean the stylus, in fact, these work better if you dont. its the methodd of choice for fixed headshell designs.
these can be sued with or without fluid.