Dry Lightning Strike

Hello FriendsI will copy and paste, as I'm slow on the keyboardHello Friends
I have a pair of your Channel Islands D 200 MK monoblocks, which I love!!, they are fed via a PS Audio GPH, phono preamp, with volume control, which, is fed into your monoblocks, via Balanced cables, then to Pair of Zu Audio souls, with a source, being a Well-Tempered Labs Turntable made in the 90's with all upgrades!!
As you might be aware, we have bushfires around, we lost power for a few days, when the power come back on, all was OK, but the day after New years, I had a dry lightning strike, which made my speakers "POP", but I borrered a friends speaker, it seems it is not the speakers, could it be the fuses on the mono blocks??, They turn on, in stand mode, and also in operational mode, all lights come on, I live on the far south coast of Aust, the nearest Audio shop is 3 hrs drive, I don't know who to turn to??, do you think, I have blown a fuse in both mono blocks??, I thought, when a fuse was blown, that not any lights, would come on??, also my pre phono lihts are still on even with , the remote control!!
Can You get back to me ASAP, as I have been with out music for 4 days!!
Many Thanks
David Spry
Have you checked the RCA/XLR selector switches on the rear? Are you sure it’s not the preamp?
Connect your cell phone to the mono blocks via a 3.5mm to RCA cable, switch the input selector from the back of mono blocks to RCA, play some music from your cell phone and slowly turn up the volume, if no sound it is the amp need repair.

Hello FriendsThanks for your feedback, I have solved the problem, I had a spare pair of Audio Labs monoblocks, stashed away, I replaced, a few years back, I swapped them, to replace the Channel Islands monoblocks, I'm back in business, listening to music!!, I don't know why I swapped them over, the Audiolabs monoblocks, are awesome, al though I had a different system then, Now the PS Audio GPH phono stage, with volume control, is feeding the Audio Labs mono blocks, direct, removing the PS pre amp, from the system, what a change!!Although I have one slight problem, ad it is called HUM, mainly at high volumes, that is how I like it!!I have no grounding wire running from TT, to phono preamp, friends what wire should I run??Again
ThanksDavid SpryAustralia"on fire"