Drums drums drums Im looking for more cds

I like cds that feature drums almost exclusively.Favorites are Mickey Harts Planet Drum,Herbie Hancochs Dis is DA Drum,Kodo Mondo Head,&Al Gromer Khans Tantra Drums.Any suggestions?
Not exacxtly what you described, but look into Ginger Baker's catalog. Although he generaly has backing musicians, most are very heavily drum dominated. I'm sorry I'm not at home to give you some titles of the more drum dominated albums.
I suggest Ondekoza - Demon Drummers of Japan as well as Mickey Hart/Bill Kreutzman's "Rhythm Devils Play River Music" Drum music from the movie "Apocolypse Now"
Also the classic "Dafos" from Mickey Hart and Airto.
Go to CDBaby.com and you can search for music featuring drums.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Just drums or are you interested in percussion as well? Harold Farberman's All Star Percussion Ensemble has issued releases on Vox Allegretto and Golden String labels. Very enjoyable.
Kitaro does some exceptional traditional Japanese drumming.
I bet you will love this one.
Master of Chinese Percussion track 1, The Poem of Drums.
It is a 10 minus not-stop action of drums in different sizes. Just make sure you start the volume low. I will not be responsible for any structural damage of your house or your speakers.
Pretty much any album with Billy Cobham on it should do, either his own, or with other artists.
Quadrant 4 - Spectrum, (unbelieveable)
Phenomenom Cumpulsion - Electric Guitarist(John McGlaughlin)
A couple for starters.
More on the classical side, try Evelyn Glennie, "Drumming" and Safri Duo, "Works for Percussion."

Sheffield has a "test disc" called, I believe, "The Drum Record". I have it...couldn't find it to verify the exact title, however, if you like drums, you could add this one to the list!!!
Led Zepplin, not sure which album or track, has a wicked drum solo...with the help of other "Goners", I'm sure these titles could be found out.

I had a double set of Ludwigs with Remo skins, Zylgan cymbals and Ghost pedals...lots of fun!!
Jeff Porcaro tribute

This Cleanly recorded punchy disc has spent much playing time.Though reduced quality you can sample cuts on the link provided.I highly recommend it.
Try the chesky release "Munyoungo" A reference recording, done in real time
I recently got "Terry Bozzio and Chad Wakerman: Alternative Duet for Drums" volumes 1 and 2. I have had both CD's playing in my car for the past month. I got them from Audiophile Imports and I feel they were a great bargain.
Lot of percussion on Rusted Root's cds
M'boom (Max Roach's percussion ensemble) - Live at S.O.B.'s
KODO - very good japanise drums
Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf-The Serpent's Lair
Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band-Bongo Rock
Steve Reich-Drumming
In reference to Herman's post, when Ginger Baker played with
Cream, he did an extended drumsolo titled "Toad". "Wheels of
Fire" from around 1968 features a 14 min. (or so) drumsolo, recorded live at the Fillmore West, the like of which I haven't heard before or since. If you can find the double-LP cheap, check it out. The rest of the album is good, too, but obviously dated and not everybody's cup of tea. Cream was the first supergroup, featuring Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker. Later,tons of imitators followed them, and extended drumsolos by lesser gifted percussionists became tiresome staples of rockconcerts.