Dropouts when steaming with WiFi connection (Amazon Music).

I am new to music steaming and have tried connections using my dedicated music computor, the streaming app.and using my USB input to the dac. I also have tried my Fiio M11 Dap using both hardwire Coax and Bluetooth, streaming rate is 24/192 (except when using bluetooth which uses LDAC codex). I am using a Gustard X26 Pro as my dac. I am curious if others have experienced this issue with a wifi connection when streaming? Due to physical constraints, I cannot access my router with a direct connection to my computor. I may consider a wifi booster which offers a direct cable connection to my computor and was wondering if others have gone this route and how successful it may be. My digital computor platform is JRiver which cannot be used to run this app. The router was recently replaced and tested, it appears to be emitting a wifi signal strong enough to perform the task at the required rate.

After a few weeks of trying the streaming service the 16/44.1 does nothing for me, so I am focused on HD music streaming 24/96 and 24/192.

The other options are somewhat limited as qubiz is not available in Canada and I was trying Amazon Music as my test for streaming and to see if this is a good option. This app has limited access to streamer applications, It may be open to the streamer option in the future, if so, the dedicated streamer option becomes viable. For now,  I am limited to my dedicated music computor or my dap for this service.

Thanks for your input.


If it’s a dropout over wi-fi, then you should probably try placing the access point in a different location - especially if you live in place with shared walls (e.g. apartment or townhouse). Here’s a guide from CNET - "Your Router Is Probably In the Wrong Spot".


Deezer is available in Canada (I believe) and has lossless / hi-res audio. You might want to check them out.

Sounds like your wifi in house is not strong. Assuming you have good internet service. Best solution is not an extender which generally stink. Upgrade to a mesh wireless network with 2 or 3 devices. Then you’ll have great wife coverage pretty much anywhere in your house. You don’t need to move your router nor try to hardwire if you have a great mesh setup, IMO. 

Change, if possible, your WiFi from 2.4GHz to 5GHz.  Lower band has only 3 non-overlapping channels, since each channel is 3.5 channel wide.  There is a lot of traffic on lower band and in my home microwave worked on one of the channels causing music to stop.  I switched to 5GHz and no dropouts.  5GHz has 24 non-overlapping channels. The range is shorter, but also neighbors interference is suppressed (5GHz poorly penetrates walls).   Read this:


+1 @jbs. I had a similar issue and fixed it by installing a Google mesh network. Before installing this it is a good idea to confirm that the issue is due to a weak wireless signal. I ran a temporary cable over the floor and once I verified that the problem went away I installed the mesh. Aside from extending the signal strength you can prioritize devices on the network using the Google home app to avoid contention issues with your streamer. 

+2 @jbs.

I have been streaming Amazon music without any issues for a couple of years now.  
I can stream via computer, DAP, iPhone, iPad, and Cambridge Audio CXN.  I have a TP-LINK Deco mesh network and it works flawlessly.