Dropouts From Server

Greetings all.  I am having  problems with dropouts during music playback from my server.  I recently lost one of my RAID drives and had to replace the entire NAS server, as well as the dead drive.  I was using a WD MyCloud Ex2 as the server, and for several years had no dropout problems.  I replaced the MyCloud with an updated model MyCloud Ex2 Ultra.  I rebuilt the new drive from the surviving drive, which passed all diagnostic testing  (the rebuild was a twelve hour exercise) and put the new server in line.  Now, often I am experiencing program dropouts.  The PC I am using is an Acer Aspire.  The processor is an Intel Core I7.  I had no real problems before the server failure.  I am controlling everything through Foobar2000.  Any thoughts or suggestions as to the source of the dropouts would be very appreciated. 
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Is the processor and RAM new or from the failed server?
Why did you have to replace the entire NAS due to the failure of a single drive?  The whole point of a RAID configuration is that you should only have to replace the defective drive, not the whole unit.

Sounds like there is a problem with the new NAS -- perhaps a configuration issue that is different than the old NAS, or even that the new NAS has a defective component.

This exactly why i have a love / hate, HATE relationship with my 3 NAS drives and servers…..

but they still sound better than streaming redbook…
Sorry, been away from the computer.  Let me answer some of the questions.  I replaced the NAS box because the failed drive died from a thermal failure.  The NAS fan failed, and the drive failed thereafter.  The new box is an upgraded version of the WD Mycloud.  I rebuilt the new drive from the survivor, and all data survived.  I also augmented airflow to the NAS box to avoid a similar problem.  I think I fixed the dropouts.  The new NAS was set up for auto-updates.  I think the dropouts were a result of the NAS accessing the internet and checking for updates.  I disabled that feature, and the dropouts ceased.  Thanks to all who took the time to respond.
I love the sound quality of the NAS based system (I have a bit over 1TB of music on it).  It is really nice to set it to random play, and sit back and enjoy my eclectic library for hours on end.    
I also had Roon dropping from my music server.  After going through all of the diagnostics, it turned out to be updates on my router and network switch and had nothing to do with my server.  
willgolf - As part of a package deal, our cable server increased server speed. It may be only coincidental, but since then I’ve been having Roon and TV dropouts, and both often shut down. I wonder if resetting the cable speed to what it was before will cure that problem. I never noticed any lag with the previous speed.
I don't think it has anything to do with your increasing your internet speed.  What modem are you using?  What router?  What network switch?  Maybe try unplugging what ever you have to re-boot the whole system.  
It’s something supplied by Cox Cable called a Panorama, a combined modern and router. I use that with several Google WiFi pods distributed about he house that connect to the Ethernet inputs of equipment. Coincidence is the usual starting point when looking for explanations, and the problem occurred since increasing the internet speed.  Nevertheless, I power cycled the Panorama, but that didn’t cure the problem. Next step is to reduce internet speed.
Cox reset the Panorama and reduced the internet speed, neither of which fixed the dropout problem.  Rebooting the Mac Mini seems to have fixed the problem.  I've played the Glenn Gould 1981 recording of the Goldberg Variations using the Oppo 205 without a dropout, and now I'm playing Sunday at the Village Vanguard using the Ayre QX-5 Twenty so far without a drop out.
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