Droplet CD Player - changing the tubes?

was just wondering if any of the DROPLET owners out there in Audio land have tried changing over the 6H30 tubes inside the player.How difficult was the procedure???
Any feedback much appreciated!
Hi Richard

Well it is not difficult at all but be careful.....like with everything in life. :)

First - you have to remove the screws that hold the top aluminium plate. (of course, remove the lid and magnetic puck first and do not forget your favorite CD as well).
Those are located on the bottom side of the wooden plinth. Locate and remove (4 or 5 , I am not sure) screws. Now, lift the aluminium heavy top enough so you can squeeze your hand inside in order to disconnect few cable/connectors that are holding the top plate down. Make sure to not pull those by the wires , which could cause damage. Pull them apart by plastic connectors. Remove the plate. Now , replace the tube and put everything back together.


Good luck
Hey thanks Mariusz!
Thanks so much for that. Will give it a go - feel more confortable now know how to do it.
Was just worried that i would pull the wrong wires and not know where to reconnect them and the cd player would not work!
Its an awesome CD player and was wanting to see how it would sound with the gold Electro-Harmonix 6H30Pi tubes
Thanks again for your time , much appreciated!
this is a two man operation...one hold the top plate while the other disconnects the wire harnesses...the tubes are springloaded and easy to access and replace once the heavy top is off.
Just want to let people know that have tried the 6H6P NOS tubes in place of the 6H30 Sovteks in my DROPLET CD player and the sound is excellent!
Very impressed with the mids , highs and bass is all very very good indeed. I think they are way better than the Sovteks thats for sure. These are very long life tubes as well and cost a fraction of the price of the 6H30DRs and much more easily attainable as well!
Give them a try!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I am glad everything went well.